Forensic Genealogy: Heir & Title Search, Adoption Search, Family History, Provenance Search


liesa unsolved histories

Unsolved Histories is a full-service forensic genealogy firm, which handles a wide and challenging variety of cases. Specialty services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Missing/Unknown Heir Search
  • Quiet Title Search
  • Adoption Search (present day and historical)
  • Family History (including Irish genealogy)
  • Provenance Search (tracking the origins and ownership history of objects and antiques)

Principal Liesa Healy-Miller approaches each case by carefully thinking through the problem, then creating a detailed search plan. She employs rigorous, “best practice” standards throughout the research process, documenting and corroborating evidence each step of the way.

Client confidentiality is key. And when it comes to adoption cases, Liesa treats her clients with the utmost sensitivity and care.