Forensic Genealogy: Heir & Title Search, Adoption Search, Family History, Provenance Search


  • Heir & Title Search

Liesa diligently constructs a paper trail proving rightful ownership of an estate or property title.  Results can then be compiled into a reliable, sworn affidavit suitable for attorneys to present in court.

  • Adoption Search

Reuniting adult children and their birthparents is one of Liesa’s passions.   She uses innovative approaches to find and reunite both parties.  She always deals with clients in a manner that’s compassionate, considerate, and strictly confidential.

As the principal at Unsolved Histories, Liesa can also research 19th c. adoption cases, uncovering that missing branch on your family tree – right down to the last leaf!

  • Family History

Let Unsolved Histories solve your family mystery!  Services range from simply retrieving records to breaking down complex “brick walls”.   Specialties include, but are not limited to, cases based in Massachusetts or Ireland.

Besides working in the Boston area, Liesa has also conducted research in Connecticut, New York City, and Ireland.

  • Provenance

With a love for antiques and a knack for solving puzzles, Liesa traces the origin and ownership history of a particular object – whether it’s a family heirloom, antique, or that oddball piece that defies description!